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Cynthia Meza earns CABE Teacher of the Year award

Cynthia Meza, a Spanish bilingual/immersion teacher at Leonard R. Flynn Elementary School, has won the California Association for Bilingual Education (CABE) 2016 Teacher of the Year award. She is being recognized for her excellence, dedication and promotion of bilingual education and to the education of English learners.

Read more http://www.sfusd.edu/en/rave-recognizing-all-valuable-employees/were-honored/cynthia-meza-earns-cabe-teacher-of-the-year-award.html

Flynn Teacher Receives National Award

Robert Sautter, a kindergarten teacher, begins each school day with a community circle in which students greet each other using their home languages. Read More  | Watch Video

School Calendar

Today: 7/29/16


SBAC Testing: Monday Apr 11- May 13







4th: Safe Routes: Rock the Block Assembly (performances for students only)

4th: Summer Orientation for Families- Mission Graduates @ Cafeteria, 5:30pm to 6pm

5th: Volunteer Appreciation Day @ Parent Bungalow, 8:45am to 10:15am

5th: Annual Talent Show tryout (students only)

8th: Food Bank Volunteer Appreciation Day @ Parent Bungalow, 8:45am to 10:15am

10th: Music assembly concert @ Cafeteria, 6pm to 7:30pm

11th: General ELAC meeting @ Cafeteria, 9am to 10am

13th: Fun Run

17th: Celebration in honor of reclassified students @ Cafeteria, 1:15pm to 2:15pm

18th to 20th: Mission Science Whale Exhibit (students only)

18th: The Tiny Seed Performance by TK (Rm 117)

19th: Community meeting @ Cafeteria, 6pm to 8pm

20th: Self engineered arcade games by 4th & 5th grade classes @ Cafeteria, 1:15pm to 2:30pm (Students only)

20th: AIMs concert @ Cafeteria, 8:45am to 11:30am (Students only)

24th: Annual Talent Show @ Cafeteria, 1:15pm to 2:30pm (Students only)

25th: Annual Kindergarten EOY celebration @ Precita Park/ Cafeteria (in case of rain), 10:45am to 1pm

25th: 5th Grade Graduation @ James Lick Middle School, 6pm to 8pm

26th: Last Day of School



About Our School

Leonard R. Flynn Elementary School is a Spanish Immersion & General Education school located near Precita Park in Bernal Heights/Mission District of San Francisco. Our dedicated staff of teachers take pride in providing a safe and caring environment for students to learn and thrive. Our students are supported by a strong community of families, friends and neighbors.

Flynn's Commitment to Students and Families


Our Vision:

We strive to provide unconditional love and commitment to each


At Flynn, we acknowledge and attempt to understand the roadblocks students face in and out of the classroom and attempt to share their burden.  We create pathways to showcase the brilliance of our


Our Mission is to Prepare Young People in Three Key Areas:

Passion for Learning and Innovation: 

We develop leaders by encouraging creative, reflective and innovative knowledge-seekers.  

Social Justice:

We work collaboratively to meet the diverse needs of our community

in a just and equitable way. 


We celebrate diversity and encourage acceptance for all people by modeling empathy, respect and non-violence. 

1484224_10152159140469700_261735588_n.jpg Welcome to the Flynn school virtual tour! We are a Kindergarten through 5th grade school with spanish immersion and general education programs. In-person tours are conducted in the Fall annually. No appointment necessary. class5.jpg Kindergarten classes on the 1st floor - 1st & 2nd grades on the 2nd floor, and 3rd to 5th grade on the 3rd floor. Special Ed is in a portable in the East Yard, as well as the Parent Center. Kindergarten Classroom DSC_0045.JPG Clean and Bright Hallways DSC_0022.JPG Thank you for taking our tour. We hope that you can visit in-person. Please feel free to contact us through our Yahoo Group at lrflynn_sf@yahoogroups.com. DSC_0015.JPG DSC_0048.JPG DSC_0026.JPG 182654_518956091481522_142131763_n.jpg DSC_0007.JPG 535628_518955958148202_211991516_n.jpg

Parent Resources

Join the Yahoo Email Group, it's a great resource and good way to get involved.


SEL/CC Survey/Encuesta

Click here for survey: 




Message from Principal Mendoza

Dear parents,


We sent out SEL/CC (Social Emotional Learning/Culture Climate) survey last month. As we had several surveys in the past school year, some families were under impression that they had already completed the SEL/CC survey. We have in total of 3 surveys this school year and the SEL/CC survey is the final and most important one! Please fill out a survey per child. The responses received from this survey will help the SFUSD to determine how to manage resources to help individual schools. So hurry up and go to https://goo.gl/Q5rZht  to help SFUSD to assist us. We are extending the deadline to May 10th so please take 10 minutes to fill out the survey and make sure you click send.   At this point your child and your child’s teacher can win a prize.   Please complete the form that you can find in the Wednesday envelopes and return it to school.


Del Escritorio de Nuestro Director, el Sr. Mendoza

Estimados padres de familia,

El mes pasado enviamos la encuesta SEL/CC (sobre el aprendizaje emocional/ Cultura y Ambiente) Algunas personas creen que ya contestaron esta encuesta y en realidad no ha sido así, lo que pasa es que anteriormente enviamos otras encuestas, en total hemos enviado 3 encuestas diferentes y esta encuesta (SEL/CC )!es la última y más importante! Por favor conteste una por cada estudiante. Las respuestas de esta encuesta ayudaran al SFUSD  a decidir de qué manera  distribuir sus recursos para apoyar a cada una de las escuelas.  Vaya lo antes posible a este link https://goo.gl/Q5rZht  para que ayude al SFUSD a que nos del apoyo adecuado. Hemos extendido la fecha limite al 10 de mayo, por favor dedica 10 minutos de tu tiempo para contestar esta encuesta y asegúrate de hacer clic en enviar. Habiendo hecho esto tu hijo y el maestro de tu hijo pueden ganar premios para esto llena una forma que encontraras en el sobre de los miércoles y regrésala a la escuela.



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