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After School Programs



Flynn offers a variety of afterschool program options, both onsite and offsite.



Mission Graduates Extended Day Program:
The Extended Day program provides engaging enrichment programming, structures and team-based physical recreation, and academic and literacy support. We are responsive to the needs of Flynn parents and families- creating a program that meets your needs for afterschool programming and enrichment. We have full and flexible attendance. 
Hours of operation: Mon-Wed, Fri 2:40-5:30 pm, Thurs 1:40-5:30pm. 
Contact:  Melissa Alvarez, melissaa@missiongraduates.org, (415) 864-5205 x261


Afterschool Enrichment Program (Child Development Center):
SFUSD runs the Afterschool Enrichment Program on-site at Flynn. Cost is determined by a sliding scale.

Hours of operation: Mon-Wed, Fri 2:40-6:00 pm, Thurs 1:40-6:00pm.
Open during vacations 7:30am-6:00pm.
Contact: Thor Boucher,
 (415) 695-5782


Mariposa Kids / Kids Co-op @ James Rolph Jr. Playground (26th and Hampshire)
: After school program focused on the holistic development of our students. Our daily routine features a healthy snack, homework time & help, enrichment activites, group games, free play, and more! School pick up at Flynn is provided. 
Hours of operation: Mon-Wed, Fri 2:40-6:00 pm, Thurs 1:40-6:00pm. 

Contact: Scott Naab, info@sfmariposakids.com, (415) 509-8024