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Illness and Injury

Illness and Injury

We have an amazing full time nurse on staff:  Nurse Andrea: HaunA@sfusd.edu

Illness at home: You should not send a child to school who may have a contagious illness and/or who does not feel well, until he/she is fully recovered. If your child has had a fever, they should remain at home at least one additional day following recovery.

Illness or Injury at School: Students who become ill or seriously injured during school will be directed to the office, and their parents/guardians will be notified. A parent/guardian must either pick up the student or arrange for pick-up by a person identified on the student’s Emergency Card.

Emergency procedures: If the school office determines that the child requires emergency medical attention, the school will take appropriate emergency measures, including those set forth on the student’s Emergency Card on file with the office.

Head Injuries: The school will notify parents/guardians of any head injury that a student sustains during school.