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Teachers & Staff


Transitional Kindergarten: 
Jennifer Baron, English Plus Pathway in Room 102

Roxanne Cano, English Plus Pathway in Room 101
Gretchen Schuessler & Ali Lenzer, English Plus Pathway in Room 104
Ymilul Bates, Spanish Immersion in Room 106
Viridiana Sanchez, Spanish Immersion in Room 103

Cynthia Sanchez,  English Plus Pathway in Room 201
Laura Alcala, English Plus Pathway in Room 212
Mario Juarez, Spanish Immersion in Room 100
Kandy Ruiz, Spanish Immersion in Room 206

Chelsea Alvarez,  English Plus Pathway in Room 203
Adrienne Ferreboeuf,  English Plus Pathway in Room 208
Rustin Carlson, Spanish Immersion in Room 204
Anel Ayala, Spanish Immersion in Room 202

Megan Alexander, English Plus Pathway in Room 311
Bonnie Segal, English Plus Pathway in Room 303
Karina Wang, Spanish Immersion in Room 312
Stephanie Konstan, Spanish Immersion in Room 310

Angelica Rodriguez, English Plus Pathway in Room 301
Gabriela Lopez, Spanish Immersion in Room 302

Brett Fox,  English Plus Pathway in Room 304
Roberto Hernandez, Spanish Immersion in Room 309

Cynthia Meza, Spanish Immersion in Room 306
Alexander DiCicco, English Plus Pathway in Room 308

SOAR (Success, Opportunity, Achievement, Resiliency) Academy Teachers 
Adnan Alisic: 3-5 SOAR Teacher in Room 307
Cathy Sherman: K-2 SOAR Teacher in Room 117

SOAR Academy Paraprofessionals:
Camilo Arteaga
Ericca Chavez
Chevea Jackson "Ms.CJ"
Christopher Horn
Adam Mejia

Support Staff

Principal: Tyler Woods
Assistant Principal: Laura Juarez
Secretary: Judy Diaz
Office Aide: Edna Molina
ARTIF: Jacqueline Hernandez-Govea
IRF: Andrea Chen
Elementary Advisor: Amy Katz
Parent Liason: Araceli Garcia
Garden Coordinator: B Freas
VAPA (Visual and Performing Arts) Teachers: Carmen Daniel, Emma Randall
Instrumental Music: Claudia Portillo
Librarian: Katherine Isbister
Technology Paraprofessional: Ofelia Ley-Molina
PE Teacher:
Psychologist: Kelvin Arenas
Social Worker: Eddie Powers
SPED RSP Teachers: Rebecca Chung and Claire Diekman
SPED RSP Paraprofessionals: Julie Jumonville, Esther Mariano, Lauren Crandall
SPED RSP Bilingual Paraprofessional: Patricia Bruno 
Nurse: Andrea Haun
Speech Therapist: Margarita Fajardo in Room 109
Occupational Therapist: Raul Medina
Bilingual Instructional Paraprofessionals: Iris Tablas, Alba Chavez
Instructional Paraprofessional: Kanisha Burdeen
Literacy Coach: Rose James

Reading Recovery/Literacy Intervention
Susan Yelda, English Literacy Intervention
Connie Rincon, Spanish Literacy Intervention

Noon Monitors
Maria Cardenas-Huezo
Claudia Castillo
Sonya Sampson
Maria Romero
Imelda De Anda Guzman

School Lunch Room Manager: Julia Oweis
Custodian: Raul "Omar" Merlos, Xue Zhen Chen, Gesner Nazaire

Cynthia Meza earns CABE Teacher of the Year award

Cynthia Meza, a Spanish bilingual/immersion teacher at Leonard R. Flynn Elementary School, has won the California Association for Bilingual Education (CABE) 2016 Teacher of the Year award. She is being recognized for her excellence, dedication and promotion of bilingual education and to the education of English learners.

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Robert Sautter Receives National Award

Robert Sautter, a kindergarten teacher at Leonard R. Flynn Elementary, begins each school day with a community circle in which students greet each other using their home languages. He also implements a partnership plan with parents so they can share their goals for their children.

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Andrea Haun, School Nurse

andrea-huan.jpgMeet school nurse, Andrea Haun, licensed RN & public health nurse. She has lived in San Francisco for over 20 years & is a Bay Area native. She was previously at Balboa High School. Her priorities are to protect and maintain the health of all students. Come and talk with Andrea during her hours, Monday to Friday from 8:15 a.m. to 3:45 p.m. in the office. She also has office hours in the Parent Center every Tuesday from 9:30-10:30 am.