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Tours & FAQs

School Tours

We are thrilled that you and your family are considering Leonard Flynn Elementary! We will be offering one school tour offered this spring:

DATE: Wed. April 12
TIME: 8:45am
MEETING LOCATION: West Yard, just inside the Harrison Street Entrance

Tour Information

  • How long are the tours? Tours meet at 8:45am and go for about an hour and a half  

  • Where do I meet my tour guide? On the yard just inside the Harrison Street Entrance  

  • Is an appointment necessary? No appointment or reservation is necessary.

2016-2017 Tour Dates

Wed, October 5
Wed, October 19
Wed, November 2
Wed, November 16
Wed, November 30
Wed, December 14
Wed, January 4
The SFUSD hosts an enrollment fair on Saturday 10/29, 9:30 am to 2:30 pm, at the City College of San Francisco, Wellness Center, 1800 Ocean Avenue. Leonard R. Flynn Elementary will participate in this fair, so please come visit us there!
Welcome to the Flynn school virtual tour! We are a Kindergarten through 5th grade school with spanish immersion and general education programs. In-person tours are conducted in the Fall annually. No appointment necessary. This is the West Yard where morning circle starts the day off right! Visitors, even parents, are expected to get a hall pass from the main office before entering any classroom. This ensures the safety of all students and staff during the school day. Cafeteria / Multi-purpose Room In 2011, our hallways and school received a new coat of paint. The halls are bright and cheery, and filled with children's artwork. Our Kaboom kindergarten play structure is the perfect place for our youngest children to have their own play space. Kaboom Play Structure Our children's creativity is highlighted and apparent throughout the hallways. Kindergarten Classroom Our classrooms are bright and airy, with well-organized staff. You can help by volunteering in the classroom and at the school events. This is an example of how a kindergarten class is set up. Each kindergarten classroom has it's own bathroom. (One classroom has the bathroom just outside it's door.) Kindergarten Classroom Kindergarten Classroom Kindergarten Classroom Flynn offers many arts programs, including visual arts, dance and music. Each grade level team of teachers decide which art and/or music programs will benefit their students best. We are one of the few San Francisco elementary schools with a full-time librarian. Our library includes books in English and Spanish. Children are always welcome to come in. Library / Spanish & English Books Volunteers are welcome to help out in the library. Computer Lab Clean and Bright Hallways Garden & Garden Science Coordinator Flynn is a uniform school. All students are asked to wear their uniform (black pants, skirts or shorts & white or dark green shirts, or carden plaid) The children get to visit the garden according to the teacher's schedules. Garden Classroom Colorful murals throughout the school Flynn is supported by an active Parent Teacher Association, whose fundraisers help support educational programs and staff. We also have an English Learners Advisory Committe and School Site Council. Flynn offers three on-site afterschool programs, Mission YMCA, Afterschool Enrichment Program (CDC), and Mission Learning Center. Thank you for taking our tour. We hope that you can visit in-person. Please feel free to contact us through our Yahoo Group at lrflynn_sf@yahoogroups.com. DSC_0015.JPG DSC_0026.JPG DSC_0007.JPG DSC_0016.JPG
Status area

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About Student Population, Recess, Community, After School

SFUSD Enrollment Guide
The Enrollment Guide explains how to
enroll in the San Francisco Unified School District and offers some highlights of the services and opportunities available to students. Get the new SFUSD enrollment guide here.

Student Population

What is the breakdown of the student population?

  • 65% Latino
  • 9% African-American
  • 15% Caucasian
  • 10% Other


Recess & Lunch

What is lunch like? Do the children eat together?

  • All students at Flynn receive free breakfast and lunch.
  • The children eat together, with three different lunch times for the school (Kinder & 1st together, 2nd & 3rd together, and 4th & 5th together).
  • Health Eating is Our Motto: We want to create a healthy food atmosphere and encourage healthy eating; families are asked not to include prepackaged foods (such as “Lunchables”), chips & sodas.

How many recesses will my child get a day?

  • Two

Do the kids in different grades play together in the yard?

  • Play areas are split up by time and location so that the 5th grade kids aren’t playing in the same space as the kindergarteners.

Do the kids from Spanish Immersion interact with the kids from the GE program?

  • Recess and lunch are combined, as well as some assemblies and field trips. But, the classes are not combined.


Library / Curriculum

How much access do the kids have to the computers in the library?

  • Every other week during their classroom library visit

What can you tell me about the curriculum?

  • Science: Inquiry through Sciences/Social Studies. Flynn is part of the District’s WISE (Working to Improve Science Education) program since 2004. This program focuses on providing teachers with the support, resources and training necessary to implement science instruction all year long.
    • We are also working in collaboration with the Mission Science Workshop. Each class will go on one or two field trips to the Mission Science Workshop. Workshops reflect curriculum and science standards for each grade.
  • Balanced Literacy: This year our teachers are working with the principal to implement the Balance Literacy approach.
  • Common Core Curriculum for Math

Community & Problem Resolution

What is the school’s relationship with the LGBT community?

  • We feel we are a true San Francisco-style school: Multilingual, diverse and open minded...we have teachers and staff of all backgrounds,  LGBT families, and welcome all kinds of families (via Our Family meetings and through our interactions with the Bernal Heights community - for example at the Cortland Street fair). We truly want Flynn to be representative of the community and our city.

What is the school doing to ensure there is a good relationship between the Spanish speaking and non-Spanish speaking families?
We strive ensure language is not a barrier to parents working together to improve the educational experience of ALL children.

  • All literature sent to parents is in both languages.
  • PTA meetings are alternately held in Spanish and English with headphone translation.

While still a work in progress, efforts are being made to ensure that Flynn is representative of our community and that all families are welcome at Flynn and are able to participate in our community without barrier.


After School Programs

Please go to our page about the after school programs for more information.


School Logistics

How do I enter Flynn?

  • Your interaction with Flynn will generally be from Harrison Street, and if you drive here, you will either park on Precita Park, or go through the “Drive Through” drop off area on Harrison.

Is access to the school secure? I'm concerned because Flynn is on busy Cesar Chavez.

  • Students and visitors enter Flynn through the gate on Harrison Street. Access from Cesar Chavez is watched closely by teachers and parents at school. Younger children are excused from classrooms (to go to the restroom or office, for example) in pairs only.