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Parent Teacher Association

PTA Welcome Message

A warm welcome to our incoming Leonard R. Flynn families and siblings! We want to help you learn more about Flynn, answer any questions you have and keep you posted on upcoming events for incoming families.

Our website has lots of valuable information about Flynn, including the daily schedule, after school options, enrichment programs and much more.

Check out our Facebook page to see what’s happening in the Flynn Community.

As we schedule events for incoming Flynn families, we will post them to our Flynn Yahoo Group. We are planning a meet and greet coffee, several play dates and an orientation with the teachers closer to the start of school.

We look forward to meeting you and welcoming your family to our Flynn Community!

Mission Statement

The mission of the PTA is to support the Principal in accomplishing the vision and goals for the school that have been developed in cooperation with the School Site Council (SSC) and the teachers.

  • Providing resources for students, teachers, and parents through fundraising & events
  • Building a safe and enthusiastic community
  • Advocating for quality education

Money raised through the PTA funds:

  • Teacher supplies
  • Music programs & instruments
  • Recess & activity coach
  • Computers & technology
  • Healthy snacks during state testing
  • Science curriculum, Mission Science Workshop & Science Coordinator
  • 5th grade graduation
  • School cleanup & repairs


Meetings are usually the 2nd Wednesday of every month. Check the school calendar on the homepage for exact dates.


SSC = School Site Council
Each SFUSD school must have an elected School Site Council (SSC) to represent parents, students, community members, and school staff in the school governance process. The SSC has a number of important responsibilities, including: Reviewing and analyzing student achievement data, gathering community input, helping develop the Academic Plan and the school site budget, and monitoring the implementation of the plan and budget.

ELAC = English Learner Advisory Committee
A school with 21 or more students designated as Limited English Proficient must set up an English Learner Advisory Committee (ELAC). The ELAC advises the principal and the SSC on bilingual programs and services for English learners. Members of the ELAC are elected by the parents of English learners.

PTA = Parent Teacher Association
A parent and teacher group that organizes various community events and fundraising for the whole community. Each school PTA is a local unit of the national PTA. The national PTA, the 
largest volunteer child advocacy association in the nation, reminds our country of its obligations to children and provides parents and families with a powerful voice to speak on behalf of every child while providing the best tools for parents to help their children be successful students.

ELL = English language learner

ELD = English Language Development

IEP = Individualized Education Plan
An IEP guides the delivery of special education support and services for a student with a disability

IRF = Instructional Reform Facilitator
The IRF supports activities to improve student achievement particularly of our underserved students. This involves examination of data, collecting assessment data, supporting collaboration of teachers, examination & improvement of teaching practice, and supporting culturally responsive pedagogy in the classroom.

AYP = Adequate Yearly Progress
Academic improvement goals defined by the State for each school

Income & Expenses





Elected Officers

Katie Pilat

Stacie Pierce

Andi Plantenberg