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Highlights from 2016-2017

Grade Level Benchmarks

In an effort to help you help your children continue their learning over the summer vacation, teachers have compiled a list of benchmarks of what your child should know for entering the next grade. Please review these benchmarks and work with your child over the summer so that they are prepared for next year. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact your child’s teacher.


Download benchmark information below:

Letter to families      Kindergarten      

1st grade      2nd grade      3rd grade       

4th grade      5th grade       SOAR

Mission Science Workshop featured on NBC Bay Area

Mission Science Workshop is the subject of this segment on NBC's "Bay Area Proud." All Flynn classrooms have up to 2 field trips per year to Mission Science Workshop. Watch the segment.

Flynn student featured in "The Talk: Race in America"

Principal's Note: April 2017

From the Desk of Principal Mendoza:

The year is winding down and there are a few things on the horizon. We have some wonderful activities coming up - Rainbow Week will be a wonderful celebration with Ms.Gretchen’s amazing band providing music for the Rainbow Day parade. For parents/caregivers who have given so much of their time to Flynn, we salute you! I would like to invite all volunteers to attend our annual Volunteer Appreciation Day on Thursday, April 20th.

Beginning April through May, our students will be showing their brilliance with testing. Students must arrive to school on time during the testing period. Healthy and nutritious breakfast and lunch are provided at school for all Flynn students.

I am pleased to announce that the security gate has been installed. The school gate will be unlocked at 8:15am daily and supervision will provided for students from 8:15am onwards. There will be no adult supervision before 8:15am so please plan to leave your child at school after 8:15am. I ask that all parents/caregivers abide this rule to keep our students and community safe.

Thank you for reading and have a good month ahead!

Spring School Pictures

Due to the experience that we had with this year's photography company, we will take Spring Pictures of all students this Wednesday, April 12th.   Fifth Grade students will take pictures in their cap and gown.  YOU DO NOT NEED TO SEND MONEY AHEAD OF TIME.  If you would like to choose a pose please come to the office to fill out a form.  Thank you.

2017 Black History Month Performances

PTA computer purchases help kids with digital skills!

From Ms. McDonnell, 3rd grade:

Having the computers in the classroom has been so beneficial for the students! Access to technology and additional resources are so critical to helping our students become successful and digitally literate. 

Much thanks to the PTA for all you've done for our students. 

Flynn Food Drive: Nov 14 - Dec 16


Flynn is doing a food drive this year from Nov 14 - Dec 16. The barrel is located next to the door to the West Yard - drop in your donation on your way into drop off. Let's fill our barrel!

Most needed foods: 

* Tuna and canned meats
* Low sugar cereal
* Peanut butter
* Whole grain rice, pasta, and oats
* Low sodium soups and stews
* 100% fruit juice
* Canned fruits and vegetables

Fiesta Latina 2016!

Fiesta Latina was a fantastic celebration of Latino Heritage Month! Students practiced all week and their hard work paid off. The performances were magnificent. The big of the night was "Let's Nacho!"



Flynn Fall Festival - 1st Annual!

Flynn's 1st annual Flynn Fall Festival was a fantastic success! We had a great attendance, over 200 of our community members attended this fun event. There are so many people who made this event a success – Jennifer Cornejo and Nicole Twyman, who spearheaded the effort, along with the PTA, and Flynn staff and families who donated food and their time. A big shout out to Ms. Meza and her dance troupe who put on a beautiful performance as well as her musically talented husband who was DJ of the day. Also, thanks to Mr. Mendoza, Mr. Woods, and Ms. Lopez who braved the dunk tank! Congratulations to Maria Perez who was hailed as the best salsa chef. It was a wonderful day at Flynn! See you at the next Flynn Fall festival.

Principal's Message August 2016

Hello Families,

Thanks to the support of teachers, Flynn staff, families and our wonderful students, we had a wonderful kick off to school.

We welcome back our beloved veteran teachers, our office staff, custodians, health, social emotional staff, paraprofessionals, after-school support, and we welcome new teachers. 

We have some updates with your children’s teacher. In Kindergarten Spanish, we have Ymilul Bates, a veteran teacher joining us from BVHM. In second grade we have Ms. Adrienne Ferreboued. In third grade, Ms. Megan Alexander will be starting during Ms. Joi’s maternity leave. Congratulations to Ms. Joi on her new daughter. Also in third grade, we have Mrs. Megan McDonnell. In third grade Spanish, Ms. Maggie Hayton, and Ms. Karina Hwang.  In 4th grade English, Mr. Alexander DiCicco, and in 4th grade Spanish, we have Ms. Gabriela López, and in 5th grade English, we have Ms. Angelica Rodríguez. We welcome our Literacy coach, Ms. Rose Lockwood-Holden. Our PE teacher is Mr. Kaleb Sullen, and our new librarian is Ms. Kathy Isbister. New paras are Chelsea Arteaga, Natalie Woodward, and Ryan Haas. We have a new RSP teacher, Ms. Rebecca Chung. We welcome Ms. Cathy Sherman back as a SOAR teacher.

Congratulations are in order to staff that have moved to new positions. Ms. K has taken on second grade English, and Ms. Jackie Hernandez is our new Academic Response to Intervention teacher. She will be supporting students who need intervention support to access the curriculum. Mr. Andrew will be a special education content specialist working with Flynn and other sites. Mr. Jake will be a Teacher on Special Assignment in the district. Ms. Law will be a PE teacher. Ms. Shoule is taking a well-deserved sabbatical.

For those from the Flynn Community working in other locations, Thank you all of you for the love and dedication you have shown to Flynn students and the community. I am honored to have worked with all of you.

This year will be a wonderful new opportunity. We are starting the year with well-stocked classrooms and teacher training. Our teachers and staff members received PAX training over the summer. PAX is a new way of setting expectations and rewarding good behavior through fun games. This will create safer schools and classrooms. More information about PAX will be provided in the upcoming Wednesday folder.

We will continue to have district PE and the Playworks program back with us! Thanks to the PTA for supporting us with Playworks, garden, and technology. Playworks is supporting us with recess consulting. We have some new procedures in place for the new school year. During lunch recess we are splitting the recess yards for safety. We are using the fields for different games, sometimes kickball, sometimes other games, but we are mixing it up so that recess can continue to surprise us with fun.

Thank you for your support!
Principal Mendoza

Les envío un cordial saludo a todas las familias de Flynn,

Gracias maestros, demás personal, familias y fantásticos estudiantes por apoyar a la comunidad de Flynn, hemos comenzado este año escolar de manera excelente.

Damos la bienvenida a nuestros queridos maestros veteranos, nuestro personal de oficina, conserjes, personal de salud física y de salud emocional y social y al personal de los programas de después de escuela. También damos la bienvenida a los maestros nuevos: A la maestra Ymilul Bates de  Kindergarten en español, ella es una maestra con experiencia, viene de  BVHM, a la maestra Adrienne Ferreboued de segundo grado, a la maestra Megan Alexander del tercer grado quien va a trabajar con nosotros mientras la maestra Joi está fuera de la escuela por el nacimiento de su bebe. ¡Felicitaciones a la maestra Joi por hija! Además, damos la bienvenida a la maestra Megan McDonnell de tercer grado, a la maestras Maggie Hayton y Karina Hwang de tercer grado en español, al maestro Alexander DiCicco de cuarto grado en ingles, a  la maestra Gabriela López de cuarto grado en español  y a la maestra Angélica Rodríguez de quinto grado en Inglés. Damos la bienvenida  a Rose Lockwood-Holden entrenadora de literatura, al maestro de educación Fisica Kaleb hosco y a la maestra Kathy Isbister la nueva bibliotecaria. Los nuevos para profesionales son, Chelsea Arteaga, Natalie Woodward, y Ryan Haas. En la posición de RSP está la maestra Rebecca Chungde, tambien le damos la bienvenida a la maestra Cathy Sherman quien se reintegra a SOAR.

Deberíamos felicitar al personal que tiene una nueva posición. La maestra K será maestra de segundo grado en ingles, la maestra Jackie Hernández es nuestra nueva maestra de intervención académica, ella trabajara con los estudiantes que necesitan apoyo para mejorar su nivel académico. El maestro Andrew es un especialista en educación especial y brindará apoyo en Flynn y en otras escuelas.  El maestro Jake trabajara a nivel distrito como un maestro en asignación especial. La maestra Ley será una maestro de educación física. ¡La maestra shoule está tomando un año sabático muy merecido!

A todas las personas de la comunidad de Flynn que están trabajando en otros lugares les quiero agradecer por el amor y la dedicación que les brindaron a nuestros estudiantes y a nuestra comunidad, me siento muy honrado de haber tenido el privilegio de trabajar con ustedes.

Este año es una maravillosa nueva oportunidad. Estamos comenzando el año con salones bien equipados y maestros bien preparados. Durante el verano nuestros maestros y miembros del personal recibieron capacitación en PAX que es un nuevo método que a través de juegos divertidos fomenta el buen comportamiento ayudando a establecer expectativas y recompensas. Esto contribuirá a que las escuelas y las aulas sean más seguras. En el sobre del próximo miércoles le enviaremos más información sobre PAX.

Sr. Mendoza