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Let's sell those raffle tickets! - Deadline May 5

Time to hit the streets and start selling the raffle tickets that came home in your child’s Wednesday envelope last week!

  • 1st prize: 4 Disneyland Parkhopper tickets ($600 value)! 2nd prize: $200! 3rd prize: $100!

We hope to raise $10,000 towards the approximately $80,000 we need next year to cover the cost of all the programs that the PTA pays for. Some sales strategies: take some tickets to work, put a post on Facebook, knock on neighbors’ doors (bring your cute, smiling child!).


  • 1 ticket for $5, 5 tickets for $20
  • Cash or check (payable to "Flynn PTA")
  • Write buyer's name and phone number on ticket stubs
  • Return ticket stubs and money collected in a sealed envelope to the PTA lockbox in the office by Friday May 5th
  • Raffle drawing will be Tuesday May 9th at the Talent Show. Need not be present to win.