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Tours & FAQs

School Tours

We are thrilled that you and your family are considering Leonard Flynn Elementary! 

Tour Information

  • How long are the tours? Tours meet at 8:30am and go for about an hour and a half  

  • Where do I meet my tour guide? On the yard just inside the Harrison Street Entrance  

  • Is an appointment necessary? No appointment or reservation is necessary.



2018-19 Tour Dates 

Oct 3
Oct 10
Oct 24
Nov 7
Nov 28
Dec 12
Jan 9

The SFUSD will be hosting its annual enrollment fair on Saturday Oct 14, at John O'Connell High School (2355 Folsom St at 20th Street). Leonard R. Flynn Elementary will participate in this fair, so please come visit us there!

The timing of the slideshow is fast, you can Pause the photos to read the text. There is a Pause button on the lower right corner of the slideshow.



What is the breakdown of the student population?

  • 65% Latino
  • 9% African-American
  • 15% Caucasian
  • 10% Other



What is lunch like? Do the children eat together?

  • All students at Flynn receive free breakfast and lunch.
  • Students have staggered lunch times, separated by grade level.
  • We want to create a healthy food atmosphere and encourage healthy eating; families are asked not to include prepackaged foods (such as “Lunchables”), chips & sodas.

How many recesses will my child get a day?

  • Two

Do the kids in different grades play together in the yard?

  • Play areas are split up by time and location by grade level (for example, 5th graders aren’t playing in the same space as the kindergarteners).

Are students split up by language track?

  • Recess and lunch are combined, as well as assemblies and some field trips.



How much access do the kids have to the computers in the library?

  • Every other week during their classroom library visit

What can you tell me about the curriculum?


What is the school’s relationship with the LGBT community?

  • We feel we are a true San Francisco school: Multilingual, diverse and open minded...we have teachers and staff of all backgrounds,  LGBT families, and welcome all families. We truly want Flynn to be representative of the community and our city.

What is the school doing to ensure there is a good relationship between the Spanish speaking and non-Spanish speaking families?
We strive ensure language is not a barrier to parents working together to improve the educational experience of ALL children. We are working hard to ensure that Flynn is representative of our community and that all families are welcome at Flynn and are able to participate in our community without barrier.

  • All literature sent to parents is in both languages.
  • Headphone translation is provided at school meetings.


Please go to our page about the after school programs for more information.


How do I enter Flynn?

  • You will enter Flynn from Harrison Street. if you drive here, you will either park on Precita Park, or go through the “Drive Through” drop off area on Harrison. Access from Cesar Chavez is restricted.