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All students are expected to be in uniform daily.

Why do we require the school uniform?

  • Creates a sense of solidarity and community
  • Encourages the understanding that school is a special place and one dresses specially for that place.
  • Discourages competition among children based on brands or latest fashions.
  • Keeps school clothing affordable for families.

Note:  Students who are not in uniform will be required to wear a loaner for the day.  Families will be contacted and gently reminded to have their child wear a uniform the next day.  We wil assist families if they are having trouble purchasing the unform.  

Free Uniforms Available in Parent Center

Many students who have outgrown their uniforms donate gently used clothing to the Parent Center each year. Please check in the Parent Center for free uniforms for your child.

What is the Uniform?

Shirts, sweaters & sweat shirts

  •  White or Dark green (plain with no logo --only Flynn logos)
  • White or dark green with Flynn logo

Pants, shorts & skirts

  • Black, Khaki or Carden plaid (green, white with black, blue and yellow)

Where to Purchase Uniforms?

  • Gap
  • Old Navy
  • Lands End:
    Leonard R Flynn Elementary PTA: Preferred School Number: 900130626 Flynn receives 3% of purchases

Flynn Gear For Sale

Check back at the end of September to learn how to order uniforms on-line.